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Instamed is the all-in-one platform that revolutionizes healthcare.
We connect patients and healthcare professionals to deliver quality medical care.
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Dr. Olivier Bauduceau
Radiation Oncologist
Dr. Louise Chaplain-Lefevre
Prof. Sébastien Albert
ENT surgeon

All the tools you need

More than just a platform, Instamed provides all the essential features to transform the daily operations of healthcare providers, seamlessly integrated without the need for interfacing with other digital solutions.

Electronic medical record

Discover the next-generation medical record: adaptable to every specialty and securely shareable worldwide.

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Communicate effectively, intuitively, and securely with our messaging system, transforming the interactions between patients and healthcare professionals.

Instamed, Secure Messaging

Smart editor

Discover our smart document editor that streamlines and automates the creation of all your medical documents, guaranteeing ongoing time savings.

Instamed, intelligent editor


Explore our integrated calendar, designed to streamline the management of your schedule and practice.

Instamed, Calendar

A network designed for everyone

Instamed provides an interface tailored specifically for each stakeholder in the healthcare system : patients, physicians, paramedics, researchers, and home care providers.
Solution Doctors - Instamed


A solution designed by physicians for physicians, enabling them to optimize their practice and enhance productivity.

Instamed, integrated health solution

Healthcare facilities

The all-in-one solution for healthcare facilities, enhancing coordination, increasing efficiency, and improving care quality.

Instamed, health management optimization

Medical assistants

The essential ally for optimizing appointment management, communication with physicians, and patient follow-up.

Instamed, an integral health application


The all-in-one application that empowers them to take control of their health, manage appointments, and communicate with their caregivers.

Instamed, oncology statisticsInstamed, oncology statistics

Clinical research

Dive into the heart of innovation and explore a world where research integrates patient data with ePro data, leading to ever more groundbreaking discoveries.

The highest level of security

At Instamed, health data security is paramount, we offer this highest level of protection for your medical data as well as guarantee their confidentiality, integrity and availability at all times.

Our platform uses advanced encryption to preserve each data and is hosted by a Health Data Host (HDS) certified by the Digital Health Agency.

Learn more about security at Instamed
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And many more advantages

A simple and fast system

Designed to turn complexity into simplicity, ensuring that your journey through your tasks is as smooth as it is fast.

A secure system

We guarantee the highest level of security and comply with all current standards for optimal protection of your data.

Real-time support

We offer our health professional users support available at any time to answer their questions, including during their exercise.

Migrating your software

We simplify all the administrative burden associated with migrating data from your old business software by supporting you from start to finish.

Let's build tomorrow's healthcare together